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press corps 

The Press assumes a pivotal role in democracy. Beyond its duty to elucidate policy intricacies, the Press amplifies the voices of ordinary citizens, ensuring their concerns permeate public awareness. This distinct position underscores its role in the political, social and economic landscape. In SMC 2024, the Press will be present in each of the five cabinets. Members of the Press Corps will delve into the nuanced responsibilities of the Press, mirroring real-life dynamics of journalism. This experiential learning not only deepens their appreciation for the societal impact of the Press but also will hone their skills in journalistic expression. The simulation immerses participants in the delicate interplay between society, politics and the media, empowering them to navigate and articulate complex global issues through the lenses of the different cabinets. It becomes a platform where representatives can actively contribute to the synthesis of information and policy, enriching their understanding of the intricate dance between diplomacy and media.



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