Singapore Model Cabinet

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SMC 2024 Awards Policy

All decisions regarding awards will be final. The SMC Secretariat reserves the right to amend, withhold or withdraw awards.

Grounds for disqualification from awards include, but are not limited to:

● Not meeting the participation requirement;
● Academic dishonesty (i.e. plagiarism);
● Inappropriate behaviour or harassment.

The awards will be as follows:

● Best Representative
● Outstanding Representative
● Honourable Mention
● Best Position Paper

Awards Criteria

Representatives need to demonstrate the following:

● Active and sensible contribution to discussions
● Ability to introduce new and feasible ideas
● Articulate and confident presentation of ideas

● Familiarity with Rules of Procedure

● Consensus-building and diplomacy

Position Paper Awards Criteria

Position papers need to demonstrate the following:

  • Adherence to the specifications listed (available here)
  •  Alignment with actual ministry or statutory board assigned
  • Clear writing
  • Creative and feasible solutions
  • Depth of analysis and well-elaborated ideas
  • Well-researched and substantiated points


Cabinet A
Best Representatives (School of the Arts) 
  •  Surabhi Deshpande 
  •  Siddhangana Bose

Outstanding Representatives (Methodist Girls’ School) 

  • Yeo Shayne
  • Vasantala Trisha

Honourable Mention (Victoria School)

  • Balaprathyushdamodharan
  • Tharun Anand

Best Position Paper (School of the Arts) 

  • Surabhi Deshpande
  • Siddhangana Bose

Cabinet B

Best Representatives (Victoria School)

  • Ethan Huang
  • Jason A. Emmanuel

Outstanding Representatives (Cedar Girl’s Secondary School)

  • Velu Yazhini
  • Megan Wong Jia Yu

Honourable Mention (Methodist Girls’ School)

  • Jayleen Toh Ying Xuan
  • Julia Toe

Best Position Paper (Victoria School) 

  • Ethan Huang
  • Jason A. Emmanuel

Cabinet C

Best Representatives (School of the Arts)

  • Yvonne Inglin
  • Yu Kai En Claire

Outstanding Representatives (St. Joseph's Institution) 

  • Tan Sen Gin Ryan
  • Khoo Yong Ler Ray

Honourable Mention (School of the Arts)

  • Dikshita Rajendran
  • Alessia Occhipinti

Best Position Paper (Hwa Chong Institution)

  • August Pek Yao Lin
  • Ng Isaac

Cabinet D

Best Representatives (Anglo Chinese School Independent)

  • Koh Yong Diat, Isaac
  • Lim En Sheng Eldridge

Outstanding Representatives (Hwa Chong International)

  • Foo Jun Han
  • Mischa Neo Jing Yi

Honourable Mention (Anderson Serangoon Junior College)

  • Sudharsan  Madhumita
  • Aarthika Ravi

Best Position Paper (Hwa Chong International)

  • Foo Jun Han
  • Mischa Neo Jing Yi

Cabinet E

Best Representatives (Anglo Chinese School Independent)

  • Vijayant Kumawat
  • Yoon Sae Young

Outstanding Representatives (Hwa Chong Institution)

  • Li Zonglun
  • Gai Yicheng

Honourable Mention (National Junior College)

  • Sandhya Lakshmanan
  • Ephea Tay Yu Xuan

Best Position Paper (National Junior College)

  • Leow Wen Ning
  • Cristabelle Yeo Ying-Hsi

Press Corps ( VJC )

 Best Representative

  • Goh Ming Jun

Outstanding Representative

  • Soh Xing Yu

Honourable Mention

  • Charlotte Tan Si Xuan

Best Pre-Conference Article

  • Maramag Luis Inigo Ugay