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Tok Rui Qi Rachelle


Rachelle is a second-year Arts student at Victoria Junior College, with a keen passion for global affairs, as seen from her subject combination of History and China Studies in English. Being introduced to the debating and MUN circuit in secondary school, she found herself greatly enjoying the process and experiences that the circuit has to offer. Similar to her fond memories of being a representative in SMC 2020, she hopes that all will enjoy their time in SMC 2024 through fruitful debates, sharing of knowledge and cultivate a deeper interest in MUN. 

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Pictures of our people were taken by Meenakshi Selvamuthukumar


G Ramya


Ramya is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College who pushes herself to constantly step out of her comfort zone. Her interest in current affairs fuelled her to learn more about different events happening in the world and gain insights from various perspectives. When not engrossed in watching various sports documentaries,she can be found immersed in the world of fiction through reading books or attempting (sometimes failing) to learn new languages on Duolingo. Ramya hopes that SMC can be a platform for representatives to showcase their knowledge and, more importantly, to be open to learning from fellow representatives.

Ramya can be contacted at 

Keefe Lim
Head Chair

Keefe Lim is a second-year arts student at Victoria Junior College with a passion for 20th century history, especially military and political history. His love for history and politics is what catapulted him into the thrilling scene of MUNs in 2023, where these passions have only grown. He is thrilled to guide representatives, both highly experienced and those just dipping their toes into the world of MUNs, just as he did not so long ago. When not catching a quick nap between lectures, Keefe can often be found in the canteen, eating and chatting about football with friends (despite not playing it himself). He hopes that through SMC, representatives will be able to engage each other in constructive discussions and forge new bonds with others.

Keefe can be contacted at 

Audrey Lau Hwee Kia


Audrey is a second-year student in Victoria Junior College. Her love for history, international relations and the rule of law sparked her interest in MUNs, driving her desire to contribute to SMC 2024 as chair. She believes that the intricacies of history, law and diplomacy are cornerstones of meaningful debate. Audrey also loves spending time with people – be it cafe-hopping or dancing ballet with her friends or having simple, meaningful conversations with others. She believes that SMC is a marriage of her two interests – people and debate. Her hope is for SMC to provide representatives with the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions with others, and form lasting friendships. She looks forward to meeting all representatives soon.

Audrey can be contacted at  

Raina Sengupta


Raina is a second-year student in Victoria Junior College who believes that the beach is the answer to all her problems. Her journey in the MUN circuit started in 2023 when she joined iGlobe, and her interest in MUN has only multiplied since. She will serve as an Admin Chair in Cabinet B. When not watching lectures, Raina can be found making jewellery. Her hope for SMC is to provide representatives with an avenue to not only practise their debating skills but also form meaningful bonds with their peers, especially since they will be working hand-in-hand for three days.

Raina can be contacted at   

Manivannan Charu Nivetha 

Head Chair

Charu is a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College who has a fond passion for the MUN circuit. With an avid interest in current affairs, Charu regularly reads articles from reputable sources to keep herself updated and further develops her knowledge by participating in MUNs. When not rushing through lectures, she can be found indulging in different cuisines and experimenting with novel recipes at the expense of burning down her house as she strongly embraces the quote, “You only live once”. Simultaneously, she loves exploring avenues to cultivate new friendships, especially through various volunteering opportunities, as she believes that engagement with individuals of multifaceted backgrounds will enhance the tapestry of her insights. As the Head Chair, Charu hopes that SMC will provide representatives with the platform to engage in meaningful discussions revolving around current affairs while building lasting friendships.

Charu can be contacted at 

Neil Bhandari


Neil is a second-year student taking Computing and H3 Mathematics. He is often found drowning in numbers and computation but amongst all this, he has managed to reveal a passion for current affairs and MUNs. Neil began his MUN journey recently and ever since then, he has been engrossed in debating and further understanding current issues in great detail. Whenever Neil has free time, he enjoys indulging into the world of 64 squares. He spends his time playing speed chess to relieve his stress from the backlog of lectures he has. As a chair for SMC 2024, Neil hopes that representatives can engage in fruitful discussions while also offering valuable and new insights into the different challenges Singapore faces.

Neil can be contacted at 

Kaavya Manikandan


Kaavya is a second-year Science student from Victoria Junior College who strongly believes that age is just a number to learn. Kaavya’s venture into MUN started in 2023 due to her interest in current affairs and desire to try out something different, which has allowed her to gain many new experiences and knowledge in her first year of MUN. Kaavya will be writing out the study guides for SMC 2024 together with her other members. When not stressed by academics, Kaavya can be found exploring her interests in performing arts like dancing or looking for nail-biting thrillers to watch on Netflix. She sincerely hopes that through SMC 2024, representatives will gain a new-found confidence in expressing their opinions as well as forge lasting friendships with fellow delegates in the long run.

Kaavya can be contacted at 

Shayan Bontha

Head Chair

Shayan is a second-year student in Victoria Junior College who likes to observe the world around him with a keen eye. Having had much debating experience in the past, he decided to take the plunge to try out MUNs last year, something which he found he enjoyed tremendously.. When not engrossed in solving crossword puzzles, he can be found exploring more about airplanes. Shayan hopes that through SMC, all representatives would be able to step out of their comfort zones and push themselves to have a fulfilling experience, where they can forge meaningful bonds with others around them, to create an unforgettable experience at SMC 2024.

Shayan  can be contacted at 

Aditya Suresh


Aditya Suresh is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College. An avid lover of History and Politics, MUNs have been an avenue for him to debate on and form his opinions about the many watershed events he has learnt about. In his free time, he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes and listening to the Weeknd, which he touts as a soul-elevating experience. He is excited to welcome all representatives to SMC and hopes it will be a nurturing experience where everyone can learn more about the intricacies of policy-making in Singapore!

Aditya can be contacted at 

Natania Tan


Natania Tan is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College, actively exploring her many interests, such as politics and governance. She enjoys engaging in grassroots work and participating in mock parliamentary debates and hopes that after SMC 2024, more young people will become involved in these areas, too. Natania loves animals more than anything and looks forward to working in the zoo after completing her A Levels! She is thrilled to be part of SMC 2024 and hopes that all representatives will have an enriching learning experience.

Natania can be contacted at 

Ganesan Arsheitha
Head Chair

Arsheitha is a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College. Having attended MUNs since secondary 3, she loves the way MUNs allow her to debate extensively about niche topics with others, and meeting new people in MUNs! As a first-time chairperson, she is very excited to experience the other side of MUNs. She has an interest in current affairs, especially global politics and societal issues plaguing our lives. In her free time, she is either watching crime k-dramas or forcing her friends to listen to her thoughts about different issues affecting our lives. Arsheitha hopes that representatives will expand their horizons and think critically about issues at SMC 2024. Most importantly, she hopes they will have a lot of fun and forge new friendships.

Arsheitha can be contacted at 

Wang Zhi Rong Asher


Asher is a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College taking the unusual subject combination of GCME! He shares a deep love for Geography, and this love has seemingly pushed him into the daunting realm of H3 Geog, embarking on a research project exploring how seemingly distant human Geography topics can be seen all around him. His adventures around the MUN circuit has been enlightening, teaching him invaluable lessons in tactful negotiation and the art of relationship building. It is now his time to give back to the circuit, guiding his very own cabinet of bright minds to cultivate future leaders who comprehend the nuances of complex issues, appreciate differing viewpoints, and possess the empathy to navigate disagreement without discord.

Asher can be contacted at

Chan Kin Fong James

James Chan is a second-year Arts student at Victoria Junior College. With a love for current affairs, he enjoys exploring the intricacies of contemporary issues. His deep appreciation for the past and desire to understand the world around us led him to pursue China Studies in English and H3 History. He sees participation in MUNs as a unique opportunity to extend this theoretical knowledge to application within a microcosm of the international community. In his free time, James enjoys playing the Dizi, recalling familiar Cantonese tunes. He hopes that SMC 2024 will give all representatives the chance to better understand the context behind Singaporean policies and how they relate to our own values.

James can be contacted at 

Aishwarya Sethuraman
Head Chair

Aishwarya is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College who takes a hybrid combination of both Arts and Science subjects. Having always had a keen interest in public speaking, Aishwarya has been part of the debating circuit since her primary years. Beyond that, she has also decided to expand her interests and explore the world of MUN, driven by her passion for current affairs and global issues. Aishwarya hopes that all representatives will engage in spirited and contentious debates in SMC 2024 and, more importantly, forge new and lasting connections in the MUN community.

Aishwarya can be contacted at

Lim Wan Rong, Caitlyn 


Caitlyn is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College whose interest in global affairs compelled her to step into the MUN circuit in secondary school. Despite SMC being her ninth MUN, it is her first time chairing and she hopes that representatives will learn as much as she has throughout their experience at SMC. Additionally, she wishes that representatives will gain a wider worldview through exciting and constructive debate. When Caitlyn isn’t juggling her homework, duties in the Students’ Council and swimming training, she can be found taking photographs of people and things she loves.

Caitlyn can be contacted at 

Lam Yui Kiu Josephine

Head Chair

Josephine is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College, who has a profound and enduring passion for Sino-American relations and the intricate realm of international politics. With her abiding interest in international affairs and politics, she has found her calling in MUNs where she thrives on intricately weaving a rich tapestry of varied opinions and innovative ideas. Away from the complexities of current affairs, Josephine seeks comfort in the competitive yet enjoyable world of Monopoly board games, a domain where she remarkably remains undefeated. Looking ahead to SMC 2024, Josephine harbors a vision of it being a platform for representatives to engage in open, thoughtful, and unbiased discussions regarding the various challenges Singapore faces. She believes that such platforms are essential for fostering critical thinking and broadening perspectives to build a community of passionate and informed young leaders.

Josephine Lam may be contacted at 

Press corps

Saasha Jancie Naidu


Saasha is a second-year Arts student at Victoria Junior College. Like many, her interest in foreign affairs was piqued when attending Model United Nations Conferences. She believes that MUNing is an excellent experience for anyone who wants to become more acquainted with local and international culture through the lenses of various positions and perspectives. She has found the MUNs she has attended to be invaluable experiences in inculcating critical-research and problem-solving skills. When she is not MUNing, Saasha loves watching sitcoms, her favourite being The Office and she knows each episode by heart. Saasha hopes all representatives in SMC 2024 will take the opportunity to discover new facets of diplomacy during the spirited debates representatives will engage in during the conference. She wishes all representatives an enriching and memorable SMC 2024.

Saasha Naidu may be contacted at 

Preetika Magendrakumar


Preetika is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College. Passionate about unravelling the intricacies of global issues, she thrives on discussing foreign affairs, where geopolitical puzzles are critically examined. She believes that MUNs are an excellent way to learn to navigate these complex yet important issues while fostering crucial interpersonal communication skills. Beyond politics, her creativity finds expression in crafting miniatures, where she finds beauty in the little things, delighting in the similarities between the vast world and the small-scale realms she builds. Preetika wishes that representatives view SMC 2024 as a means to dive head-first into diplomacy and meet like-minded individuals with whom they can form meaningful bonds.

Preetika Magendrakumar may be contacted at 

Vittorino Lim Shi Jie

Vitto, a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College, recently developed an interest in domestic affairs while scrolling through online articles to prepare for his Promotional Exams, leading him to become an admin chair for SMC 2024. Coming from the Science stream, he also has a strong interest in technology and environmental issues in Singapore. In his free time, Vitto enjoys catching up on shows, ranging from Korean dramas to blockbuster movies. If not in front of a computer screen, he can be found venturing around Singapore on his bike in search of various routes. Vitto hopes that through SMC, representatives can forge new bonds with like-minded people and gain new insights into various issues in Singapore.

Vitto can be contacted at 

Wang Kaye Yen Denise

Denise Wang is a second-year Science student from Victoria Junior College who appreciates constructive conversations. Having seen the value of discussing current affairs beyond preparing for General Paper examinations, she will be serving as Admin Chair for SMC 2024. Besides being in the Students' Council, Denise enjoys baking simple desserts such as brownies and cookies for her family, exploring different parts of Singapore, and running around her neighborhood late at night. She once clocked fifty thousand steps a day when she attempted the coast-to-coast trail with her best friend. Denise is excited to learn from different people’s perspectives and innovative ideas being brainstormed and presented during SMC 2024.

Denise can be contacted at 

Jayakumar Janani
As a second-year student in Victoria Junior College, Janani is open to new opportunities and is excited to learn from the people she meets. She is also passionate about nature and volunteers at a farm when she’s free. Being relatively new to the MUN scene, she sees SMC as a platform to gather differing perspectives and learn from the representatives. She hopes all the representatives are able to involve themselves in their roles and have an enlightening, enjoyable experience at SMC 2024.

Janani can be contacted at  

Lea Quah


Lea Quah is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College with a passion for reading. She enjoys reading up on current affairs and international relations when not reading fantasy or romance books. This sparks her wish to contribute to SMC 2024, to look further at issues that are closer to home, and that concern youths such as herself, who are the future leaders of Singapore. Besides keeping up with world issues, Lea has an avid interest in mythology and ancient history. She sincerely hopes that SMC 2024 will be an enlightening experience for all representatives, where they can think critically with an open mind to discuss the issues Singapore faces. Lea hopes that SMC 2024 will be a place to form everlasting memories and new friendships.

Lea can be contacted at