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Should GRCs be abolished in Singapore?



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Should Members of Parliament serve full-time?





GRCs are a significant part of the Singaporean political scene. In Singapore's democratic society, Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) play a crucial role in ensuring representation of different races in Singapore by ensuring minority representation in Parliament. Since its formation in 1988, the GRC system has evolved to cater to the new needs of its constituents. The number of GRCs and job scope are some of the things that have changed over time. However, some question the need for GRCs today as they argue that many Singaporeans have moved beyond seeing things through the lens of race. Others feel that race is a matter that needs to be handled sensitively, and there is still a place for GRCs in Singapore. Representatives will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discourse about whether GRCs should stay in Singapore.

Members of Parliament look after the needs of their constituents and play an important legislative role in governmental decision-making. Given their heavy responsibilities, MPs taking on corporate jobs has sometimes generated backlash, and concerns have been raised over possible conflicts of interest and ability to manage duties well. This then raises the question of whether MPs would be able to conscientiously fulfil their duties without conflict of interest from their other roles and instead prioritising the nation’s and their constituents’ well-being. At the same time, others feel that there is no need to restrict MPs from advancing their own careers if they are able to manage their duties properly. Representatives are expected to consider which view is in the best interest of Singapore.