Singapore Model Cabinet

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Chng Wen Ting


Wen Ting, a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College, discovered her passion for current affairs and policy-making, leading her to become a part of the MUN circuit. When she's not watching her lectures, you will often find Wen Ting engrossed in murder documentaries and thriller dramas. In her role as the Secretary-General for SMC 2024, she hopes to ignite representatives' curiosity and interest in policy-making. She hopes to be an approachable and friendly presence. Much like her own inquisitiveness about how things function, Wen Ting hopes that during the three days of SMC, representatives will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and gain valuable insights through their debates. Furthermore, she wishes that representatives will leave with deep and enduring friendships along the way.

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Pictures of our people taken by Meenakshi Selvamuthukumar 

Mehak Dhir

Deputy Secretary-General

Mehak Dhir is a second-year student taking an interesting subject combination of Physics, Economics, Mathematics and History. She first entered the MUN circuit back in 2021, and her interest has only increased since then. In her spare time, she enjoys ballet and playing Scrabble. She is also part of the Interact Club, and is highly passionate about social issues within the country and beyond. As Deputy Secretary-General of SMC, Mehak sincerely hopes that representatives will use SMC as a platform to voice their opinions, explore different perspectives and engage in vibrant discussions. She hopes that representatives will leave the conference with greater insight and appreciation of policy-making in Singapore, and will have formed meaningful memories and friendships along the way.

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Chan Charlene Julia

Under-Secretary-General for Academic Matters

Julia is a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College, with a subject combination of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics. Despite her gravitation towards STEM, she has a deep-rooted passion for diplomacy and global affairs. Her previous involvement in the MUN circuit enriched her understanding of international relations, and has helped her forge invaluable friendships within the MUN community. Within the complexities of JC life, Julia has discovered peace in the world of Chinese pop music. In addition to her love for music, she also finds joy in watching motorsport races. As the Under-Secretary-General for Academic Matters at SMC, Julia's vision for the conference transcends beyond discussions and competition. She envisions it as a catalyst, allowing individuals to foster enduring connections and engage in meaningful discourse. Her ultimate aspiration is that every representative leaves SMC with memories, knowledge and friendships that will last far beyond the resounding gavel that marks its conclusion.

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Rheann Celeste Rodrigues

Under-Secretary-General for Administration

Rheann, a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College, finally decided to explore her passion for debate and global affairs last year, leading her to enter the MUN circuit. Despite her initial fear of public speaking, MUN conferences provided her a platform to step out of her comfort zone and confidently indulge herself in the vibrant world of debate and policy-making. Her zealous passion for international relations further spurred her to take on a role in the Secretariat of SMC this year. When she’s not drowning in her workloads and deadlines, Rheann can be found scrolling endlessly on online shopping sites or taking walks in the park. As Under-Secretary-General for Administration at SMC this year, Rheann sincerely hopes that representatives will be able to indulge in fruitful debate, deepen their appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes during policy-making, and forge long-lasting and meaningful friendships with other like-minded individuals.

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Jene Newton

Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management

Jene, a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College, has always had a profound passion for debating about contemporary issues since her secondary school years where she started off as a debater. Model United Nations conferences have not only served as a platform for her to cultivate robust communication skills, but have also significantly enriched her fervour and understanding of global affairs and diplomacy. During her breaks from managing an extensive load of lectures and balancing her two CCAs, she finds solace in immersing herself in the tunes of Taylor Swift or indulging herself in binge-worthy Netflix shows. In her role as the Under-Secretary-General for Conference Management, her vision for SMC 2024 is to establish it as a platform for participants to understand Singapore’s position in the global landscape. She hopes to foster an understanding of how our unique circumstances shape policy-making decisions and equip participants with the skills to formulate effective policies targeting critical issues.

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Asha Prasad

Under-Secretary-General for Outreach

Asha, a second-year Science student at Victoria Junior College, has developed a keen interest in discussing current affairs and global issues since her secondary school years through the many opportunities she got to express herself, such as her school’s Talent Development Programme. She first entered the MUN circuit in 2021, where participating in a simulation conference sparked immense joy and a sense of fulfillment, igniting her passion for debate even more. As someone who has found solace in singing since she was five, she is also an active member of her college’s Choir and likes to delight in the harmonies of Ariana Grande. As the Under-Secretary-General for Outreach, she aspires to be an approachable presence for all participants, envisioning SMC as a nurturing space that allows everyone to step out of their comfort zones while engaging in fruitful debate. She hopes that SMC will allow participants to stretch their potential to the limit, while developing strong friendships along the way.

Asha can be contacted at