Singapore Model Cabinet

Registration for SMC 2024 IS NOW closed. Thank you for your support! 

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The SMC registration form can be accessed through this link

Organised by Victoria Junior College in conjunction with the People’s Association, this is the 9th edition of the conference. SMC stands out in Singapore in that it combines different aspects of simulation conferences with a focus on policy-making. Fundamentally, SMC is a simulation of the cabinet of Singapore, the executive branch of the government and the highest national decision-making body present in our nation.

SMC aims to stimulate interest in the current affairs of our nation amongst youths. Participants will take on the roles of senior management in different ministries, such as ministers or representatives of statutory boards.

Key Objectives:

  • To impress on participants Singapore’s role in the international community;
  • To understand the decisions the government of Singapore has to make in order to preserve the integrity and socio-economic stability of the nation;
  • To develop analytical mindsets and oratorical skills in participants

Whether you are an experienced participant or a first-timer, SMC 2024 has something in store for you!

Key Dates:

SMC Training Webinar

1500 - 1700, Saturday, 24 February

Deadline for submission of position paper

2359, Sunday, 10 March


Wednesday to Friday, 13 - 15 March

Registration closes on Friday, 9 February. 


Details about SMC are available in our invitational email and can be accessed through this link

Attire for SMC should be full uniform with jacket and tie or western business attire (jacket and tie are optional)