Secretary-General's Address

A very warm welcome to all delegates!

Dear representatives,

I am Iris Tan Wei Qi, the Secretary-General of the 5th edition of Singapore Model Cabinet (SMC). It is my pleasure to welcome you to SMC.

SMC aims to simulate discussions in the Singapore Cabinet. At SMC, I invite you to experience what policy-making is all about. As everyone in your cabinet comes together to discuss national policies and make difficult decisions, I hope that you will feel empowered to speak from your heart and in the best interests of Singapore during the upcoming debates. These debate sessions will be driven by each and every one of you, so I hope that all of you will be able to make analytical judgements and apply critical thinking to the best of your ability to enable the debate to be fruitful and purposeful.

Together, you are the future of Singapore. I urge everyone to be interested in pressing national issues and have more in-depth knowledge about how decision-making is done at the highest level of the government. Many of you will continue to see Singapore evolving and encounter similar issues in the future. By then, it will be up to you to vote to decide the next course Singapore will take. The knowledge and analytical skills you gain here at SMC are stepping stones to discover more about Singapore and help you tackle the complex problems our nation will face in the future.

Singapore has proven that, at various stages of its history, it is able to rise up when faced with new challenges. I believe that, in the future, you will rise to the challenges that Singapore will face as well. While the future may seem uncertain as Singapore evolves and changes, there will also be greater room for innovative and creative solutions to the country's problems. This is what we hope to see at SMC.

Finally, all of you will have your own experiences of Singapore to tell, so I hope that you can collaborate with each other at SMC and add to your collection of stories.  You will create wonderful friendships and a more complex story together. Do expand on the story of Singapore that you may have now to include new narratives. I hope you enjoy your time here and this will be a meaningful experience for all.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for and commitment to this event.

Yours sincerely,
Iris Tan Wei Qi
Singapore Model Cabinet 2019