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Leading the change in Singapore's domestic affairs

Over the years, the political leadership in Singapore has transformed from an authoritative style of government to one which is more consultative and open to citizens’ feedback. Currently, Singapore is at a crossroads. The nation is being pulled in different directions, and the government needs to find a delicate balance between older, more conservative values and the new rush of more liberal thinking. Among many other things, Singapore has been called a nanny state, where, in its quest to help its citizens as much as possible, it has come across as overprotective. Yet, some question if Singapore is doing enough to help its citizens now. At the same time, others argue that it is time for the authorities to take a step back and allow the people to take more responsibility for their own decisions.  Representatives are expected to engage in discussion about what stance the next generation of leaders should take moving forward, in order to enable Singapore to thrive.



Double Delegation

The Future of Singapore: 4G Leadership

With an outsized geopolitical presence but a small physical landmass, the country faces the crucial issue of defining its role as a small country in an increasingly uncertain international landscape. The key question is as follows: should Singapore act like a small country or continue to punch above its weight?  This naturally leads to the next question: what does it mean to act like a small country? Some related issues include the question of whether Singapore should adhere to the ASEAN principle of non-intervention or if it should push Myanmar to resolve the Rohingya-refugee crisis. Also, Singapore has to consider how to position itself in a world where Chinese dominance is on the rise. As the next generation of leaders will soon come to power, the cabinet is encouraged to evaluate Singapore’s role as a small country in relation to its foreign policy to determine the optimal way forward.

Defining Singapore’s foreign policy in an uncertain world

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