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Singapore as a Middle Man

Singapore played the role of the “Middle Man” in 2018 by hosting the Trump-Kim summit in June 2018, but this was not the first time Singapore acted as an intermediary. Singapore had played similar roles in the past, with the most recent example being Singapore’s hosting of the Ma-Xi meeting in 2015. However, as global political trends change, and international tensions pull Singapore in various directions, there needs to be a reassessment of whether or not Singapore should continue playing this role moving forward. Representatives need to consider if the “Middle Man” role is still relevant in light of the political and diplomatic climate Singapore currently faces


Singapore’s Foreign Policy

Singapore’s bilateral relations with Malaysia

Since independence in 1965, it has been said that Singapore and Malaysia often have a love-hate relationship, with relations getting tense over issues such as water and the causeway. Despite the challenges, Singapore has maintained a largely smooth relationship with its northern neighbour, whilst remaining firm on strategic interests that affect Singapore’s national security. However, with the recent changes in the political landscape in Malaysia, several contentious issues have resurfaced to fray the Singapore-Malaysia bilateral relationship. Representatives should consider and discuss what Singapore should do in light of the new political circumstances, and assess whether Singapore needs to adapt its foreign-policy approach to Malaysia in the context of recent changes across the causeway.


Double Delegation

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