Ryan Goh Wei Jin

Ryan is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College. He takes a unique subject combination comprising History, China Studies in English, Mathematics and Economics. Ryan has a passion for current affairs, especially about issues pertaining to Singapore. In his spare time, he likes to take long naps and binge-watch YouTube videos that involve food and conspiracy theories. He likes listening to mainstream pop music, and cites Dua Lipa, Zara Larsson and Taylor Swift as his favourite artistes. He describes himself as introverted and bashful, someone who would rather spend time with himself, and is not a fan of socialising and public speaking. Therefore, he would like to assure all representatives that he can empathise with them. Even better, he would like to tell them that if he can speak up, so can they. He promises to do his utmost to ensure that all representatives have a fruitful and meaningful experience at what could be their first MUN.

Ryan may be contacted at

Miriam Edna Yu Wing Yan

Miriam is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College. She takes Spanish, Economics, English Literature and Mathematics. Miriam is passionate about the preservation of Singapore’s local culture and landscape, and is concerned about the erosion of the Singaporean identity as development is pursued for the purpose of maintaining Singapore’s competitive edge in the global arena. Additionally, she champions causes such as reducing waste in modern life and veganism. She enjoys watching a wide range of videos, from cat videos to iconic ones like ‘Friends’, to destress in her spare time. Welcoming you to Cabinet A with open arms, she looks forward to fruitful discussions on the very relevant issue of conflict between development and conservation in Singapore.

Miriam may be contacted at  


Sorfina Bte Bumidin
Sorfina is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and History. Though the subject combination may be unorthodox, she believes that it perfectly expresses her love for both science and the humanities. Passionate about politics and reading, the MUN experience is one she can certainly appreciate. She is an avid fan of Netflix, and is currently making her way through the documentary section while patiently waiting for the next season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. An adventure addict, she hopes to manifest her love for food and cultures by taking a solo trip around the world soon, thus fulfilling her desire to meet people from different nations. She looks forward to a challenging yet meaningful debate, and hopes that representatives will bring home with them invaluable lessons.

Sorfina may be contacted at

Indrakshee Mukherjee
Indrakshee is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and, fascinatingly, German. Knowing four languages has definitely sparked her love for languages and she hopes to pick up more in the future. She hopes to fluently speak and understand Mandarin, a language she sadly gave up after kindergarten, but does not want to give up on for life. She may not be the most experienced MUNner, but she is definitely a passionate speaker who enjoys discussing various topics and having philosophical conversations with anyone who fancies the same. As the Under-Secretary-General for Outreach and a chair, she manages the website and Instagram page. An avid foodie and mystery lover, she likes exploring all disciplines and prefers taking small steps into the future. Shee (one of her absurd but interesting nicknames) hopes that all representatives will have the opportunity to have meaningful learning at SMC 2019.

Indrakshee may be contacted at

Edward Jeremy Lo

Edward is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College. Like many others, he takes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics; unlike many others, he showcases his love for Physics by pursuing H3 Physics and researching on esoteric topics like ‘Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistor on Diamond’ technology. A lover of The Guardian and a despiser of climate- change deniers, he reads The Straits Times during dinner--with his plate on the paper. An aspiring entrepreneur, he will be offering an IPO of his own company in the future. As a passionate student councillor, you will see him leading his schoolmates in cheers at match support while wearing VJC’s signature red shirt or dancing at events with “The Nights” blasting. He sincerely hopes his cabinet will craft significant, realistic policies that will steer and define the future of Singapore’s education system.

Edward may be contacted at


Liang Weiting
Weiting is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College and is a member of the institution’s global affairs society, iGlobe. She is studying Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics, but has a keen interest in the humanities. Since experiencing her first conference as an intimidated delegate, she has grown in confidence, and her interest in current affairs and MUNs have significantly increased. She hopes that representatives will keep an open mind and have a fulfilling time at SMC 2019. MUNs and school aside, she often finds herself sucked into the black hole that is YouTube where she spends endless hours catching up on the latest MasterChef episode and watching videos about conspiracy theories (Shane Dawson, anyone?).

Weiting may be contacted at

Lakshminarayanan Shreya
Shreya is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College studying the humanities. She is not offering the typical HELM combination. Instead, she takes History, Economics, German and Mathematics. She takes great pride in being the only student in the whole country to offer this subject combination. Shreya’s passion for current affairs pushed her into the MUN circuit early in 2018. She found MUNs extremely exhilarating and addictive. Apart from being at MUNs, Shreya also spends time taking vocal, violin and dance lessons, and enjoys reading the classics. She hopes that representatives will be able to have a meaningful time at SMC 2019 and become confident speakers.

Shreya may be contacted at


Nikhita Nair
Nikhita is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics. Despite being a science student, her interests lie in a completely different realm. In her free time, she thoroughly enjoys playing the guitar (although she would add the disclaimer that she is very much an amateur), debates and MUNs. When she’s not dealing with interminable piles of schoolwork, you may be able to catch her at a beginners’ Muay Thai class. She hopes that representatives have a rigorous and fruitful conference, where they take SMC as an opportunity to stretch themselves beyond their current limits and learn more about Singapore. If any representative wants to approach her to strike up a conversation, feel free to do so (she won’t bite; promise!). She hopes that representatives take this chance to have a fruitful conference, and looks forward to seeing everyone at SMC 2019!

Nikhita may be contacted at

Saashtika Mohan
Saashtika is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics. Don’t let her subject combination fool you - she is a paradox, one who is interested in both the arts and the sciences. As a member of the 35th Students’ Council, most of her time is spent doing council work, while attempting to juggle the ceaseless amount of schoolwork. On the rare occasions that she gets some free time, you will find her head buried in a book or curled up in bed, binge-watching her favourite TV shows and fangirling over the characters (in a cool way, of course). She hopes that SMC will be an enjoyable experience for all representatives, and that it will also allow them to stretch themselves and grow. An extremely friendly individual who is always smiling, all representatives can approach Saashtika without any hesitation. She looks forward to seeing everyone at SMC 2019!

Saashtika may be contacted at


Pearlyn Wong Yan Li
Pearlyn is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking History, Economics, Literature and Mathematics. She has more than eight MUNs’ worth of experience, having participated in them since Secondary Two. She hopes that all representatives will have a fruitful conference ahead and encourages everyone to just speak up in debate. She believes that there is no right or wrong answer in a MUN, only undiscussed opinion. She looks forward to interesting debates on contentious issues. She serves as Under-Secretary-General for Academics and a chair at SMC this year. Obsessed with structural inequality in the education system, Overwatch and reading, she often wonders if sleep is really necessary to function. She looks forward to working with representatives to help them along on their MUN journey.

Pearlyn may be contacted at

Benedict Chang Yew Kit
Benedict is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking the ink-draining subject combination of History, Economics, Literature and Mathematics. He enjoys playing video games on his PC or Nintendo Switch, drinking gallons of milk as part of his daily routine, petting cats he doesn’t own and being a stubborn contrarian. Obsessed with the dysfunctional state of American politics and an avid fan of FiveThirtyEight, he sometimes wonders if his time would actually be better spent focusing on passing his exams. He considers participation in MUNs an excellent opportunity to have glimpses into the painstaking work driving international relations, and thoroughly enjoys the rigour required from start to finish. He looks forward to working with representatives to make SMC 2019 a fruitful and intellectually stimulating experience for all.

Benedict may be contacted at


Sharmaine Pang
Sharmaine is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking an interesting subject combination: History, Literature, China Studies in English and Mathematics. Sharmaine started off as a delegate in UNASMUN 2016 and later on chaired at SMC 2018. This time, being the only female chair in a cabinet full of seasoned MUNners, she hopes that she will not be driven to insanity by her fellow chairs. Sharmaine is definitely a sucker for twisted psychological-thrillers and finds herself spending most of her time on Netflix (subsequently, rushing to complete her long-overdue essays). Excited about this conference, she looks forward to meaningful debate and encourages representatives to keep an open mind about novel ideas. As Under-Secretary-General for Communications and a chair, Sharmaine hopes to give all representatives a fruitful and immersive experience in SMC 2019.

Sharmaine may be contacted at

Matthew Yip Tze Herng
Matthew is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Economics. Matthew was first introduced to MUNs in Secondary Three, and has loved it ever since. His passion for MUNs has driven him to participate in three MUNs over the last few years. With the experience and expertise gained from these MUNs, Matthew fills the roles of both Chair and Under-Secretary-General for Logistics in SMC 2019 to pay forward what he has learned. He hopes to guide the next generation of students as they go on their MUN journey. In his free time, Matthew can be found either watching F1 races or playing F1 2018 when there isn’t a race. (In case it’s still not clear, he is a huge F1 fan.)

Matthew may be contacted at

Aaron Lai Wen Hao
Aaron is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College taking History, Economics, Literature and Mathematics. Recalling the anxiety he felt during his first MUN back in Secondary Two, Aaron has since found himself enjoying the rigour and energy of MUNs. To him, MUNs exist as a platform to discuss current affairs and get to know people from different backgrounds and with different perspectives. When Aaron is not caught up in his school work, he is spending time with his friends, something he deeply appreciates. Aaron hopes that all participants of SMC 2019 will enjoy themselves in the three days of intense discourse. Fun fact: Aaron chaired Cabinet F in SMC 2018, so it will be his second year chairing this cabinet. He is sure that this cabinet will be equally engaging and productive in 2019.

Aaron may be contacted at  


Tan Dyllan
Dyllan is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College with an atypical subject combination - History, Physics, German and Mathematics. Dyllan’s exposure to Model United Nations began in 2016, when he took part in Victoria School’s internal Model United Nations. Since then, he has participated in Yale-NUS Model United Nations 2017, Singapore Model Cabinet 2018, Dunman High Model ASEAN Plus Summit 2018, as well as Middle East Summit 2018. Dyllan has a long-standing love for the study of History, be it social, political or military, with a particular interest in Iranian, Greek, Arab, Armenian and German history. Dyllan values logical reasoning and intellectual discourse highly, and therefore anticipates meaningful and rational discussions during this conference.

Dyllan may be contacted at  

Poh Yee Hsien, Jovan
Jovan is a second-year student at Victoria Junior College who is studying the humanities, despite having little aptitude for English Literature. He is still relatively new to the MUN circuit and was involved in only two MUNs prior to SMC - the Yale-NUS Model United Nations and Singapore Model United Nations conferences. In his free time, you will find him either steamrolling over other civilisations while gaming on his laptop or engrossed in a book regarding something about politics somewhere. He hopes that the study guides will be of great help to representatives in formulating arguments and looks forward to hearing the interesting and fresh perspectives they will bring to the discussion.

Jovan may be contacted at  

Pictures of our people by Marcus Soh